Best Braiding Patterns For your Lace Wig Installation


If you want to have a lace wig installed most effectively with no worries, then going for sew-ins will be the best idea. The type and pattern for your sew-in determine how best and comfortable your HD lace wig will sit on your head. 

In this article, you will learn the best trending braiding patterns, but just before, you got to know the importance of braiding and what is done before braiding.

The importance of Braid Patterns

You are firstly braiding patterns aid to the creativity of styling your hair. The type of braiding pattern determines where and when to fix any kind of waves. Braiding patterns determines the realist of your sew-ins. This affects the sitting and positioning of your hair extensions.

Braiding pattern that is not properly done involves the fitting of your sew-in. Braiding offers real-time protection to your natural hair. Braids are the best soldiers against any kind of physical damage to your hair. Either braid can keep your hair to be flexible due to the tangling effect. It is also believed that braids enhance the fast growth of natural hair.

The Dos Before Braiding

It is very important to ensure that the following practices are done before braiding your hair.

1. Wash and Condition your Hair

It is best to ensure that your hair is immaculate before braiding. You can achieve this by washing your hair using a shampoo detergent. After shampooing, ensure you gently condition your hair.

2. Trim Your Ends

It is best to trim your ends while your hair is wet. This is to ensure that the hair strands are soft and grows appropriately.

3. Dry Your Hair

Braiding on wet or humid hair can make your braided hair stink and have a stuffy smell. It is, therefore, best to dry your hair completely for it to have a clean smell and perfect braiding.

Top Braiding Patterns

1. Braided Straight Back with Leave Outs

This pattern ensures that you have a classy and sleek sew-in of an HD lace wig. This particular pattern gives an allowance of cornrows that are straight to the back of the entire head. However, this pattern is best for people with long hair.

2. U-Part Braiding Pattern

These patterns are U-shaped, as the name suggests. The U-shaped opening allows a better portion of your natural hair at the top to be left out. It would help if you also did an ear-to-ear extension of your anchor braids.

3. Beehive Braiding Pattern

This braiding is best for full sew-in of HD lace wig. The braids are made in a circular manner on the whole head. You might prefer few twists here and there with a complex beehive braiding pattern. However, you will be able to wear a bang if using the normal or regular braiding pattern.

4. Asymmetrical Braiding Pattern

Side part sew-ins go well with this kind of braiding pattern. You will need to construct the braids around your head then do straight down to have the asymmetrical pattern.

5. Vixen Braiding Pattern

You will need to construct mini beehive patterns for you to achieve this kind of braiding pattern. You can have different portions and parting options to twist around to make creative looks and styles.


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