Does Cable Matter In An Extension Cord Reel?


Wires and cables are pivotal for electrical supplies, and the same applies to extension cord reels. While you can invest in new cables and wires separately, an extension cord reel can be a premium addition. You can’t just replace it. Therefore, if you’re looking to buy an extension cord reel, here is a guide for you:

1. The Material Consideration

Indeed, for selecting almost anything, the material will play a pivotal role. The first thing you need to consider is the material of the wire the reel uses. Copper wire is often the superior choice because of better conduction that makes it an ace choice. For any household requirement, installation, electrical appliances, copper would be optimum.

However, aluminum comes into play for more extended requirements. These are cheaper alternatives to copper and mostly good. However, you will have higher resistance and less efficiency.

The material of the reel, for instance, premium-grade plastic, will also play a vital role. You need to get the right value for your money.

2. Insulation Requirements – Flame Retardant PVC

The insulation on the cord of your extension is equally crucial. It can be of various materials, but high-grade PVC remains a superior choice. In addition, there are non-fire retardant and fire retardant PVCs. Try to opt for the latter to reduce fire hazards from higher temperature, shock circuits, and other problems.

In other words, when buying an extension cord reel, consider the type of insulation and layering of the cable/cord.

3. Flexibility Of The Cord In Reel

People often forget to pay attention to the flexibility of the cord. The number of twists turns, and bends can take a toll on the line. It can break, crack, tear, and much more. That is a running risk, and you can’t do anything about it. Once your cable starts pulling, you’d have to invest in a new one.

However, if you have an extension cord reel with a flexible cable that is soft, and temperature resistant, you’re good to go. Try to find these options wherever you go.

4. Buy From A Credible Brand And Dealer

There are too many brands, even newer ones, joining the market all the time. It can be perplexing to find the right one. As long as you can have all the above-given requirements met, you can find the best extension cord reel. Of course, the gauges, voltage support, and others are equally essential requirements. However, as long as you meet these requirements, you’re good to go.


A good quality cable will always play a role in extending the life of an extension cord reel. Hopefully, this guide to buying extension cord reel was convenient for you and informative. Whether for residential or commercial requirements, we hope that now you have apt knowledge to make an informed decision. So, go ahead and grab yourself the best extension cord reel in the market.


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