4 Classifications Of Hose Reels By Application


Giraffe is one of the most popular hose reel brands in the market. The company goes above and beyond to ensure that clients get the best products and services. This includes using the best materials, featuring numerous designs, and offering support services 7 days a week. In this post, we discuss types of hose reels.

Types of hose reels based on applications

Whenever you research the types of hose reels, you get the following types;

  • Freestanding hose reels
  • Wall-mounted hose reels
  • Manual hose reels
  • Automatic hose reels

However, there are several other types of hose reels beyond the above. For instance, hose reels can be categorized based on their applications in various industries. These types are:

1. Garden hose reels

Garden hose reels, as their title suggests, are primarily applied in gardening. However, some people may use them for other household activities like washing vehicles and cleaning surfaces like curbs. Regardless, there are designed for garden applications. Garden hose reels come in a wide range of designs. The most common one is the wall-mount garden hose reel.

2. High-pressure hose reels

Next to garden hose reels, high-pressure hose reels are also quite popular. They are safety devices used for particularly storing high-pressure hoses. They are specifically designed to withstand the pressure within these hoses during applications.

Therefore, before they are put on the market, high-pressure hose reels are tested to ensure that they meet specific application standards. These specific hose reels are used to keep pressurized hoses from kinking, getting damaged, or tangled. In some cases, the hose reels lower the pressure within the hose line.

3. Air hose reels

Air hose reels are usually connected to an air compressor, and the hose wound around the reel as with other types of hoses. In this case, their role is to prevent extra wear on the hose. Additionally, air hose reels are typically hunged from the ceiling. Therefore, they are also commonly applied in auto and tire repair shops. There are two types of air hose reels. These are storage and continuous flow air hose reels. Storage air hose reels store the house when applied, while the latter allows you to use the hose when it is still wound.

4. Emergency hose reels

Emergency hose reels are highly applied for fire and rescue operations. They are used together with rescue tools like water hoses for firefighters, electric cords, and breathing hoses for rescue teams. These products are usually manufactured with emergencies in mind.

For instance, firefighting hose reels are typically designed to withstand fire using combustible materials. Additionally, these hose reels are generally constructed to accommodate larger and longer hoses because of the significance of the applications.

Other types of hose reels are:

  • Teach pendant hose reels
  • Hydraulic tool hose reels
  • Fuel hose reels
  • Beverage hose reels
  • Chemical hose reels
  • Audio cable hose reels
  • Static discharge hose reels


Note that other than the application, hose reels can also be categorized based on their design. Additionally, each of the types mentioned above can be split into subtypes based on the design. This information is essential for any new hose reel owner.


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