Everything You Need To Know About Meat Thermometers


Meat thermometers help to check the recommended temperatures when cooking meat. Some types of meat can be thick and require specific temperature readings to cook safely. People who love cooking can consider the food thermometer as a helper to prevent undercooking and overcooking. Beware that meat cooked incorrectly can harm overall health o ruin your meal due to overcooking and undercooking.

Suppose you are looking to cook tender and juicy meat, it is extremely important to use the meat thermometer in the kitchen. However, people may have problems using the meat thermometer to obtain accurate results. These people could be using the wrong thermometer or misinterpreting the thermometer readings. Whatever the case, you need to learn how to use the meat thermometer to reduce your odds of contracting food-borne diseases.

The common types of meat thermometers you should learn to use include the oven-going thermometer and instant-read thermometers. This blog will provide a guide to using both meat thermometers correctly.

Oven-Going Thermometer

You can use the oven-going meat thermometer with any size of meat before grilling or roasting. The thermometer remains pinned into the meat while you cook on the grill or roasting in an oven. The options available in this category of thermometers include the dial meat thermometer and the probe thermometer.

If you use the oven-going dial meat thermometer, you need to insert it into the meat from at least 2 inches into the thickest portion of raw meat. Ensure the thermometer does not touch a bone, fat, or pan to avoid reading inaccurate temperatures. If the meat attains the required temperature, push the thermometer further into the meat and continue cooking if the temperature drops. Remove the meat from the oven or grill if the temperature remains the same after pushing the thermometer.

For the case of the oven-going probe thermometer, you need to insert a wire into the meat instead of the whole thermometer. This wire is attached to the base of the thermometer that sits outside the oven. The thermometer can read the meat temperature without opening the lead of the oven. These digital thermometers are programmed to read temperature and alert you once the meat reaches the desired temperature.

Instant-Read Meat Thermometers

The instant-read thermometers are designed into two categories, including digital and dial varieties. They are inserted into the meat outside the oven to provide an instant temperature reading. You have to open the oven to read the temperature of the meat hence letting heat escape.

The dial instant-read thermometer is inserted into the center of the meat for at least two inches. Suppose you are cooking thin cuts of meat, you should insert the thermometer through the side to read accurate temperatures. The thermometer registers temperature reading after 20 seconds. Don’t forget the thermometer in the food while it is cooking.

The digital instant-read thermometer is inserted partially into the meat for about half an inch and registers the temperature reading in 10 seconds. The thermometer is useful for measuring temperatures for large and thin cuts of meat. Avoid putting the thermometer in the meat while cooking. With all said and done, you will e able to properly cook your meat to the correct temperatures.


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