How to Make Your Head Bang Wigs Last Longer

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So you have finally purchased the headbang wig you always wanted, and as expected, you are very excited. You know that feeling when you get the wig you always wanted. That wig becomes the promised wig for almost any event, and you want to wear it even in your bed. If your favorite wig is headband wigs, then you have more than enough reason to love the wig. Headband wigs are lovely on almost any head size and face shape. More so, these headband wigs are comfortable and befitting for all kinds of events – both casual and corporate.

With the many advantages of headbang wigs, one factor that you may consider is cost. Like every other wig, buying a headband wig will cost you some money. And while this cost is not so high, buying the wig should be some sort of investment. You will want the wig to stand the test of time. No wig lover wants to buy a wig today, and it loses its appearance and values the next day. However, the long-lasting possibility depends majorly on you – the user. If you have already gone through the rigorous processes and quality checks, you must have purchased a great wig. Your attitude and ability to care for and protect your wig will now determine its duration. Maintaining headband wigs is not so different from the maintenance processes of other wigs. If you want your headband wigs to last longer, you can try these steps;

Wear wig optimally

The more you wear your wig, the more it gets old. It’s just like when you keep repeating a shirt you love so much. In no time, that shirt will begin to lose its beauty. If you want your headbang wig to last for long, you have to find a way to ensure you wear it optimally. As much as possible, don’t wear it every day, no matter how beautiful and tempting it may look.

Comb your headbang carefully

When you want to comb your natural hair, you do it with a lot of care and patience because you will be the one bearing the pain if you do it roughly. If you can do that to your natural hair, how much more your headbang wig – comb it carefully.

Get a wig stand

When you’re not wearing your wig, the way you store it is imperative. The best way to keep your headband wigs is to get a wig stand. With a wig stand, your wig gets back into its original position and shape.

After wetting and washing your wig, carefully dry with a towel

At one point or the other, you will need to wash your wig. Other times, you will need to wet the headband wigs to ensure it stays in their excellent position. While trying to wash the wig, ensure to use high-quality products all the time. After washing the wig, ensure you use a great conditioner to restore its shine. Likewise, make sure you wash your wig optimally, not every time. The frequency of your wash should depend on how much you wear the wig. Whether you’re wetting or washing the wig, ensure you dry it with a towel gently, and air dry it.


If you’re trying to maintain your headband wigs, you can follow the steps in this guide.


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