Cleaning Asphalt with Pressure Washer: The Process


Cleaning asphalt is not child’s play. You can not suddenly use your hands to clean it and expect a thorough job. If you want to use a machine, it has to be the right model of the machine. On most driveways in the world, the last material is asphalt. Aesthetically, asphalt is a great option because it is very beautiful and attractive, especially when it is smooth. In terms of durability, asphalt also passes the test, as it can stand the test of time. Asphalt is usually in an open place. It is exposed to sunlight and rain, as well as other dirt that can fly around. One contamination that affects the lifespan of asphalt, however, is oil. When oil stains come on asphalt, it is getting damaged.

Realistically, we can not stop oil from coming on asphalt. Asphalt is usually a driveway, and most times automobiles ply the road mostly. Automobiles use oils, and sometimes, this oil can drip from beneath the vehicle. As a result, what we can do to stop the asphalt from damaging the asphalt is to wash it. Using your hands and any type of soap will never clear off oil from the asphalt. You will need a machine like a pressure washer to clean the oil completely. However, using the pressure comes with a bit of a tactic. If you do not have tight procedures, you may never get it right. Here are the best processes to wash your asphalt with a pressure washer.

Find the right pressure washer

There is a lot of talk on the Internet about buying the right pressure washer when you want to do one. Most of the time, this is aimed at picking a pressure washer that has a reduced pressure that will not affect your surfaces. However, this is not the case with asphalt. Asphalt has the strength and durability to withstand whatever force is coming from your pressure washer. If you do not buy a pressure washer that is strong enough, you will only be pouring water on the asphalt floor. There are diverse brands making pressure washers today. However, each one of these pressure washer brands has two common power sources, regardless of their different specifications. It is either you have the gas pressure washer or electric. Both pressure washers can help wash asphalt, as long as they have the right pressure.

Test different pressure washer nozzles

The different colors of pressure washer nozzles can be misleading, as many think of it as a bid to attract users. However, the color of each nozzle is indicating the degree and force it is using to wash. For asphalt washing to be thorough, you need a nozzle that washes at least 25 degrees. If it can be lower, it is better. That is because you need as much force to take out every iota of oil on the nozzle.

Clear the area before you clean

If you are going for a general asphalt wash, you can skip this step. But if you are cleaning asphalt because of a particular oil stain, then you have to be specific. After choosing the right pressure washer and its corresponding nozzle, you need to map out the area you are about to clean. First, clear the area of any delicate materials because the force may damage these items. Also, you should utilize this opportunity to take a routine check on the environment of the asphalt to be sure there are no issues. If there are issues, the pressure washer force may be too much.


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