Cleaning your fuel pump: How to DIY.


A wix 24003 fuel pump filter is excellent for any fuel pump because it traps every dirt. However, sometimes the pump may still get dirty over time. This guide explains how to clean your pump by yourself

You need to be sure that there is dirt in the pump

Cleaning never goes wrong. From our daily lives to car engines and other purposes, it is vital that we are clean from time to time. However, for a fuel pump, cleaning may be unnecessary. There is no big issue with cleaning unnecessarily, but the problem is you will be spending a lot of money on cleaning, and it does not guarantee an extension of the fuel pump’s lifespan. Usually, fuel pumps work with a filter that ensures that all the dirt that is supposed to enter is trapped outside. Hence, unless the filter goes wrong, it is rare for your fuel pump to get extremely dirty. So instead of checking for the fuel pump dirt, you may want to confirm the fuel pump filter first.

You need a fuel pump cleaner

For many things we clean, good soap and water do the best. However, it is not advisable with the inner part of an engine. Soaps are made with chemicals that can affect the fuel pump’s performance. For instance, let’s assume you have. A fuel pump is made out of iron, and you use a soap that contains chlorine to wash it. There is a high chance that chlorine will react with the iron, and it may cause leaks. Luckily, there are fuel pump cleaners that ensure that you get to clean your fuel pump safely. The constituents of these cleaners do not have so many chemicals; hence your device is safe.

Check the body for instructions

There are many people and brands that are into the production of fuel pump cleaners. With the general information on the importance of cleaning a pump regularly, many consumers take time to clean their pump. As a result, there will be an increase in the demand for these cleaners. This will give rise to many people rising to make these cleaners available. However, many will be in the production for money alone; hence they will make mediocre products. A promising sign to identify an excellent fuel pump cleaner is to have a user guide. The real companies are sure that not everyone is an expert when it comes to cleaning. Therefore, they try to explain with a user guide. This user guide will help you understand the product and its use. So try reading it before you use it.

Use fuel till it is almost empty

The fuel pump cleaner guide may not explain this to you, but the fuel pump’s power will reduce when you pour it with so much fuel. It is simple logic – there is a lot of fuel inside, so the cleaner has more work to do. Therefore, you need to find a way to use the fuel ideally. The fastest way is to empty your tank by opening the fuel tank; however, it is not the safest. Anything can happen to the fuel, and it burns.  The safest way to do this is to take a long drive without visiting a gas station. You can take a long road trip simply to enjoy and use that fuel.


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