What you need to know before buying a lace front wig


Out of the different types of wigs designed for women to pick from, the lace front wig seems to be the most sought-after. A lot of women who intend to improve their looks prefer to invest in lace front wigs.

When compared to natural hair, these lace frontals are easier to maintain. Because there are several designs, beginners find it difficult to sometimes purchase the rugby lace front wig.

If that’s your case, then keep scrolling to find out the top factors to consider when buying a lace front wig.

How to Choose the Right Lace Front Wig

The following are easy ways to identify the type of lace front wig for you:

1. Type

This is the most important factor to consider before going to the market. That’s because there are two main types of lace front wigs; synthetic hair and human hair wigs.

If you want a wig that gives a more natural and original look, the human hair wig is the ideal choice for you.

However, synthetic hair is better if you’re looking for a more affordable option. They only feel strong and shinier when touched. Human hair lace fronts are made from natural hair thus, making them high quality. They also seem more appealing to the eyes than synthetic lace frontals.

2. Cap Size

If you haven’t been wearing wigs in a long time, it may be hard to detect the right cap size for you. The different capsizes you can find in the market are:

  • Petite
  • Child/Petite
  • Average
  • Petite/Average, etc.

You can also have a professional measure your head and tell you the exact capsize. Knowing and choosing the right cap size during your wig hum ensures that your wig gives you the best fit. It also makes you comfortable and more attractive.

3. Manufacturer

Different manufacturers produce varieties of lace front wig designs. That’s why you must consider the exact brand you’re going for.

For example, some brands may produce wig designs that come in pre-cut and hand-tied designs. They are not easy to loosen and may require glue or an adhesive to hold them down. Other brands’ lace front wigs may feature the “invisible hairlines” wig construction.

So, apart from the capsize and type, understanding how each brand stands out from each other helps you to define the wig style you want. You can use the internet to look up information that you may need during your search.

4. The condition of your natural hair

If your hair continuously sheds, you mustn’t settle for just any wig. A lace front wig that feels comfortable and can stay in place is all you need to look great all day.

Final Thoughts

Wigs are affordable ways to look beautiful. This means more women should embrace them as a means of enhancing their appearance. Purchasing human hair or synthetic lace front wigs is a great start and this guide will help you choose correctly!


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