Vital Details to Know About Vape Pen Batteries

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Vaping Pen is a second-generation vaping device designed to look like a ball-point pen but functions and possesses all the features of a vaping device. This device has experienced increased popularity due to its use in the cannabis industry to vape flowers, oils, and concentrates in recent years.

Types of Vaping Pen

There are four distinct types of vaping Pen. They are:

  1. Variable Voltage vape pen
  2. Fixed Voltage vape pen
  3. Vape carts pen
  4. Variable temperature pen

Main Components of Vape pen

Different elements combine to make the vape pen work effectively and efficiently. They are:

  1. Battery: Provides power for the vape pen.
  1. Cartridge: serves as a tank for liquid or oil in the vape pen. The oil or liquid influences the type of battery the Pen uses. For example, a THC cartridge requires a THC Oil Pen Battery.
  1. Atomizer: This heats the oil or liquid in the cartridge into vapor. Some vape pen designs combine both the cartridge and atomizer together.
  1. Power button / Draw activation: This is used to turn on the vape pen. The power button vape pen uses a power button, while draw activation needs the user to draw on the Pen to activate it.
  1. Microchip: This is a safety feature. Some of its functions include: turning off the vape pen when inactive, automatically stop charge when the battery is fully charged ( not present in all types of vaping Pen), prevents the Pen from overheating, and regulates the airflow and vapor produced.

This article will focus on all you need to know about vape pen batteries.

About the Vape Pen Battery

This component in the vape pen’s anatomy is responsible for powering the atomizer that heats the oil into vapor. The power of the vape pen must be sufficient and not more than the vape pen. This is because it can result in a burnt cartridge.

Vape Pen Battery Charger

This normally accompanies the vape pen when bought. Every user should avoid using a different charger to charge their vape pen because it can damage the battery.

Types Of Vape Pen Batteries

There are different types of vape pen batteries. They are:

  1. Variable Voltage vape pen batteries: These batteries allow the user to switch between different voltages depending on the user’s preference. These batteries are commonly used for permanent vape devices.
  2. Draw Activation Batteries: These batteries are the most common batteries of all the battery types. It possesses a microchip sensor that activates the battery when it senses a draw action, and it is easy to use.
  3. Buttoned Vape pen batteries: This battery is the direct opposite of the draw activation battery. It requires a button to use the battery, and the button needs to be clicked 5times in a row to turn on and off the vape pen.
  4. Discrete Vape Pen Batteries: These batteries conceal the cartridge in them, unlike other batteries where the cartridge is attached to the battery.


In general, the batteries of a vape pen are necessary to make the device fully functional, and the most common vape pen battery is the 510 thread battery. This is because it is compatible with all cartridges. Luckily, this article provides details on the types of vape pen batteries and how to care for them.


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