Three Pointers On How To Earn Coins On FIFA22


If you have been playing FIFA for a while, then you know just how it can get when it comes to the game. There are so many moving pieces that if you are not careful, you might end up running out of FIFA 22 coins. The only way out of his is to earn these coins on FIFA 22. Once you do that, you can go on playing. Before you consider outside sources of these coins that might get your account banned, there are other ways to earn these coins without worry. Here are the top ones and how you can go about it.

1. Participate and complete squad building challenges (SBC)

One of the ways you can earn FIFA coins is by taking part in and collecting squad-building challenges. There have been so many SBC challenges released over the years, and they all have different rewards. Figure out which rewards you will get from your challenge and participate in them.

The one thing you need to remember to do is to stick with it until the end. You can walk out in the middle of the challenge, which means you lose out on the rewards. Always take a look at the challenges set up to see if you can handle them. It will go a long way to ensure that you get the award at the end.

2. Get boost coins

Like other games around you, boost coins come to you the more XP you have. One way to earn these boost coins is to keep playing the game. You might get disheartened at first when you do not win, but do not give up. The better you get at the game, the more XP you get.

With more XP comes more coins. Take your time and learn the basics of the game, then compete with other players. Since there are so many competitions in the game, you have the chance to play whenever you want to. The more games you play, the more coins you get.

3. Make better trades

Aside from playing, FIFA also allows you to trade players, just like in real life. If you want to make some money, you might need to put some thought into your trade. Look at your most valuable players and see if you can do without them. The trick here is to make the most amount of coins without compromising the quality of the team.

You can trade-off when there is an SBC for trading, or you can always check out to see if the other teams are interested in buying you players. Trading players is a full-time activity, and you need to take your time with it. If you trade wrongly, you will not be able to play well.


Getting FIFA coins makes it easy for you to play in the game. You can get the best selection of players, and you have the upper hand when it comes to player upgrades. For this reason, it makes sense for you to get more coins as you go about or game. Find a way you can get more coins without going through a lot of trouble.


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