Why Liberon Steel Wool Is Worth Buying


Steel wool was invented by a cooking utensil salesman when he was looking for ways to make the new cooking pans stay bright. Today, they are widely used as an abrasive for polishing metal and wood objects, cleaning cookware, and sanding surfaces and windows. The best choice on the market for all these tasks is the Liberon steel wool.

There are many steel wool manufacturers out there. But the best one remains the Liberon Steel Wool that promises to never compromise on the quality.

Liberon Steel Wool

Currently, one of the best steel wool on the market is the Liberon oil-free steel wool. In comparison to other brands, this specific product is treated after it’s made to get rid of the oil used in the manufacturing process. Hence, buyers can use it without any fear of oil contamination.

If you’ve always used generic steel wool, you’ll notice a significant difference when you shift to using the Liberon steel wool. The many applications in which the Liberon steel wool would prove to be your best selection include rubbing out a finish, applying waxes, polishing metals, and cleaning porcelain, glass, and marble.

The Liberon Steel Wool features longer fibers for a uniform scratch pattern and is available in two sizes, 100g, and 250 g. A great tip for the users is never to tear the steel wool, instead use a scissor to cut from the roll. This helps maintain the fibers’ perfect structure and prevents distortion of material.

Made using 0000-grade steel wool, the product works as an excellent finish applicator. A great advantage that comes with it is that the wool doesn’t absorb any wax while applying waxes and also assists in rubbing out the finish.

Other basic grades for steel wool are:

Grade-00 Steel Wire Wool

Made of high-grade steel, the grade 00 is completely dust and crumble-resistant. This is considered the finest after grade 0000. The grade 00 steel wool, when used with a suitable, the solvent will provide you with optimum results in tasks such as cleaning wood and metal surfaces before polishing or painting.

Grade-0000 Steel Wire Wool

This is the finest steel wool available for purchase and is ideal for cleaning delicate surfaces such as copper and bronze. On the other hand, if you use medium or coarse grade metals, it will cause damage and scratches to the material’s surface. Also, if you wish to polish marble and glass without damaging their surface, you can use this grade wool with soapy water.

Final Thoughts

What makes steel wools better than regular abrasives is that they are softer. This helps scrape off several kinds of deposits without scratching and damaging the underlying surface. Another plus point is that steel wools can be compressed to any shape, which helps in the easy cleaning of many hard-to-reach areas and beveled edges.

However, as these products come in various grades, you should do a fair amount of research to learn which one would be the most suitable for your task.


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